Green cleaning products, what are they?

How to recognize green cleaning products?

Hygiene and cleanliness are essential to living in the new normal. Due to this, ecological cleaning products have increased their presence in the market throughout 2020 and early 2021. But not everyone knows this type of alternative cleaning product that does not harm the environment.

What are they?

They are products that are composed of biodegradable and cruelty free substances (not tested on animals).

To identify if a cleaning product is ecological we must look at the components. That is, if it contains any of these components, it is not biodegradable or ecological: phenol, naphthalene, ethyl alcohol, creosol, ammonia, butoxyethanol, among others.

On the contrary, the ecological components for cleaning products are usually: oils of vegetable origin, sulfates of coconut fat alcohols, silicates or flavorings of vegetable origin.

 Another way to find out if the cleaning product you want is environmentally friendly is by checking if it has the approved label. Each country has a label to define and classify the types of components that are harmful or not.

 However, for years the myth has arisen that green cleaning products are not as effective as chemical ones or harmful. This myth is being disproved since before the products are launched on the market, their effectiveness is measured to verify that they meet the expected requirements in the market.

Also, they don’t have a premium price either. Most are inexpensive to pocket.

In short, we must all contribute a small grain of sand to continue adding to the health of the planet. You can use them in work or home environments and support the care of the environment.