How to clean an electric oven?

  • Cleaning tips, do’s and don’ts when cleaning an electric oven.

-DO NOT leave the cleaning pending for days. Although it seems that it does not matter, the truth is that what it costs to clean it multiplies, it causes odors and, in addition, if it is cooked again with the dirty oven it can cause health problems.

-DO NOT use scourers to clean walls or heating elements. They can scratch the enamel or the surface of the resistor.

-DO NOT use aluminum foil on the bottom or tray to avoid staining it. Like scourers, they can also scratch surfaces, so we recommend that you use greaseproof paper instead.

  •  Cleaning tips

By hand:

You can use specific degreasers but, if you want to avoid them, we recommend that you first remove the excess fat, after cooking, once the appliance has cooled down. You can do that with kitchen paper soaked in hot water. Then, put a suitable container with water, a few drops of ammonia, and a kitchen cloth inside. Put the oven on low heat for an hour or two and, after that, as soon as the cloth allows you to pick it up without burning, you can easily clean the fat with it.


We are going to explain some little tricks that can help us in cleaning: 

  • Sprinkle in baking soda when you turn off the oven and it’s still hot. Wait an hour, and with a paper towel remove the dirt.
  • If any liquid has been spilled, sprinkle salt over the liquid as quickly as possible and allow it to cool. Then remove it and clean with a damp sponge.
  • Place a cloth dipped in ammonia in the oven overnight. The next day, sprinkle baking soda over the fat. Once absorbed, remove with a paper towel and go over with a sponge and detergent. Lastly, rinse.
  • Bad odors: a procedure to remove them is to mix vinegar with salt and wipe it through the warm oven. When it dries, remove with another damp cloth. The second option is to place a few pieces of lemon or orange peel and heat in the oven at medium temperature.